Manicure And Pedicure

DURATION: 1 or 2 days
PRICE: £250


This can be covered in 1 or 2 days over a Weekday/Evening/Weekend
Comfortable T-shirt and Trousers or Tunics to be Worn No Jeans

You will be given a starter kit for Manicure and Pedicure and a Manual to help with your studies

These subjects are very popular with clients. You will be shown how to professionally give
~ a high class treatment to hands and feet.

The course will cover;

Health and safety
Relevant anatomy and physiology
Products and equipment required
Consultation procedures
Contra indications to treatment
Manicure treatment including hand & arm massage
Pedicure treatment including foot & leg massage
French and coloured varnishing
Aftercare /Homecare
Application of luxury treatments, such as warm paraffin wax

This is the price if you are taking these courses separately
Manicure Price £150
Pedicure Price £150