Semi-Permanent Lashes

PRICE: £300 (With Kit)


his can be covered in 1 day over a Week/Evenings or Weekends
Comfortable T-shirt and Trousers or Tunics to be Worn No Jeans

Case studies will be given.
You will be given a Kit and Manual to help with your study

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This cosmetic therapy is becoming the fastest growing treatment. Many therapists are
finding themselves inundated with requests for this treatment.

Therapists are charging up to £75 for a full set of lashes, making this treatment very popular.
We train with “Eyelash Emporium” Products

You will cover:

Introduction to Semi permanent lash theory
Client Consultation
Contra Indications
Treatment Times
Preparation of the work station
Sterilisation and Sanitisation
Patch Test
Contra Actions
Semi permanent lash Procedure
Aftercare & Advise
Semi permanent lash theory Procedure Demonstration
Practical case studies
Hands on application